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Certified foreign language courses, Foreign language courses for children, Translation, Court Interpreters, Consultations, State Graduatian, Preparatory courses for secondary school, Preparatory courses/Support, Study support, Composition of texts for publishing

Crkva Sv. Mihovila - zaštitnik Acra
Crkva Sv. Mihovila - zaštitnik Acra
Doček Vatrenih, 17.07.2018.
Doček Vatrenih, 17.07.2018.
About ACRΩ:

ACRΩ was founded in January 1995 with the great enthusiasm and strong will of the founder.

The name actually came about as a compound of the letter 

A-the initial letter of the Latin script, it is also first in Glagolitic and there it is called azz (which means »I») and in the Cyrillic script, it is also the initial letter of the founder of our Acro, and

cro-such as the real mark of Croatia since its independence. Here it is in short. Throughout all these years of the continuous existence of Acro, respectively in these 23 years Acro has formed and established itself as a place with a simple approach, with excellent and lasting results as well as the good reputation which has been passed along for many years. 

ACRΩ is the place where you can get all kinds of t r a n s l a t i o n s, text edits, court interpreter certifications for all foreign languages, mobile translations, documentation follow up, composition of texts for publication, consultation and other activities in the field and upon inquiry. 

ACRΩ is the place where 23 generations have been prepared for university entry exams and s t a t e g r a d u a t i o n and here we are followed by excellent results and successful enrollment into the desired faculty. Acro is also the place where you will recieve t u t o r s h i p, group or individual, specialized or preparation for an exam at school or one of the international exams, a s s i s t a n c e with test completion, inquiries, forms, documentation etc. We are specialized in foreign language business courses.


To be and remain ACRΩ is continuous satisfaction with what we do as a community which ACRΩ is made up of - native speakers-multiculturalism in one school. 

Thank you for reading this text to the end, this shows us your patience and curiosity, and possibly your intention.