Foreign language courses for children/ school children

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Croatian for foreigners

-children-school children, primary and secondary school

Whole school year/September 2018-June 2019/

STARTschedule of classes on Saturday September 29, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.

Intensity of classes: Once a week 90 minutes/ weekdays or Saturdays/

Regular school allows you to study one or more foreign languages at primary and secondary schools, but you have decided to have classes in Acro alongside classes at school in order to "mingle" with the language you chose even more. You have decided to take one or more foreign languages in parallel. The study of a foreign language isn't just about grammar, it has to do with different language opportunities and civilization, culture, literature, comics, poems, films etc. The process of learning a foreign language isn't just some endeavor; it is great fun with a useful outcome. Imagine, you will be able to speak to speak to your cousins who live abroad, watch films, understand and sing songs, comprehend comic strips, answer a tourist's question or tell them some interesting fact about your city, or you might help out at a restaurant during the summer, promote some product, rent out a boat, book excursions etc. Or you just want to go swimming and listen to the variety of foreign languages and be able to understand them as a future linguist or polyglot. The possibilities are numerous. You will learn the language through activities, games, shows, recitals, imitation, phonetic exercises, and translation exercises, oral and written.